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Who's behind Crowdheavy?

Hello there 👋🏽
My name is Malachai Frazier and I'm the maker and primary operator here at Crowdheavy. One of my favorite things to do is to launch fun and useful projects that I think should exist :)

For the past ~10 years or so, I have been building, designing, launching and running web applications for myself and my clients as a Software Developer/Product Professional/UX Person.

My goal with Crowdheavy is to help people build better digital products by focusing on a user-centric experience. I built this service to not only earn a good living, but to help people ship better digital products and to show the world how putting the user first always pays out in the end.

Heavy on research and data. Light on fluff. 🧐

Malachai Frazier Beard and Hat Selfie